We all find ourselves in very strange times indeed at the minute… with all of us feeling the impacts of Covid-19 in one way or another. Some of us have been touched in very personal ways by the illness itself; while many have been feeling the toll of an intense home life. However its effected you personally, all of us have certainly felt the impacts on everyday life. Oh, for the halcyon days of a social encounter with humans outside of the household!

For many UK charities, particularly the little guys, the impact has been felt too; with many of our wonderful causes now struggling to raise the vital funds they need to keep their services running, or even remain open during these troubling times.



Well, we have an opportunity to put smiles on faces (fingers crossed!) and ‘let our hair down’ (ba boom) by taking on the #Haircutforcharity challenge. The basic premise? Dare to chop the mop at home and donate the money you would usually pay for a professional do, to help save UK charities.

#Haircutforcharity is a fun and simple way for the Great British public to rally behind local causes and help keep these vital services running now; and ensure they’re there for us long into the future. It’s so much more than a haircut… It’s a great way to inject some genuine fun into a groundhog day – and will help us protect the most vulnerable in our communities; now when the going is tough, and later on, when the dust has settled.



So where did #Haircutforcharity come from? In short it was a bright spark from one man concerned about how small charities might be weathering the storm. You can hear more about that in the short video below.